Avoiding Easy Exits

28 July 2015

Tom’s got a 9-to-5 corporate gig he really doesn’t like. He’s just graduated from college, and sees himself as sort of a creative person. He’s not sure what he’s doing at this gig in the first place. Money? Not really. Career growth? What’s that?”.

The good news is that Tom’s parents tell him they’re on his side and he can leave if he wants. His friends tell him that he should probably consider other options and that this really isn’t worth it if he doesn’t like it. He jumps. He quits after putting in just twelve shifts, and without a plan.

Tom spends the next year drifting from one place to the next. He dabbles with cooking: starts going for classes twice a week but stops soon after. He takes up painting and puts up a couple of things on this tumblr he started. No updates in four months. I wonder what Tom’s up to now. Oh, he’s applying to a few colleges for further studies? Cool. Which subjects? Um”.

Stop taking easy exits. They make you complacent. People around you try to make you feel good about the steps you’re about to take. Some people contest your decisions, but you shrug them away. You, defensively, quantify your dislike. And you get into the habit of doing this again and again and again.

See yourself in a sub-optimal situation? Not really sure where you’re going to go? Don’t just quit what you’re doing right now. Persist. Fight. Make your exit.