Hello and welcome to my website. I’m just another one of the hundreds of millions of Indians making my life on the internet. In case you’re wondering, ‘Ishtaarth’ means desire in Konkani. Alas, I have a name not many can pronounce, which turns out to be a small price to pay for acquiring my first name on most websites.

By day, I work as VP - Strategy at Dentsu Webchutney and lead its corporate strategy efforts. With a multidisciplinary role, I get to study the impact of media on the message to devise breakthrough solutions for India. I’m lucky to work with an amazing team on some of the most consequential brands in the world, including Google, Google Pay, YouTube, Twitter, and Spotify. At night, I can be found surfing the world wide web.

Currently in Bengaluru, from Chennai, via Mumbai and Hyderabad, with parents from Kolkata whose parents were from Rajasthan. It’s complicated.


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