Inertia” Is a Distraction

18 May 2015

A reason I hear quite often for not doing something is inertia. I don’t know what this means, so I googled it:

inertia ɪˈnəːʃə: noun

  1. a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.

In simpler terms: it’s comfort. You could blame inertia and laugh off your lethargy for not moving in any direction, or you could take time to, you know, identify where you stand today. Maybe start with this: Am I really happy in this crowd, amongst all the mediocrity I’ve pointed out and mocked on so many occasions?”

It might also be worth asking yourself if your insecurity about a bunch of things is the reason behind inertia. Make a list of these insecurities (choice by elimination is particularly useful). It’ll help you identify your priorities and incentives.

When you’re ready — and hopefully that’s not too far away from today — take the steps that only you can. The world isn’t static, and you’re in a hurry.