Sharing Video

15 September 2014

I saw a drone in use on my walk back home from work last night. I asked the drone-owner (droner?) if I could take a video of it. He obliged.

I have three apps capable of shooting video:, Hyperlapse, and Snapchat. (Vine and Instagram aren’t on my phone, and I didn’t even think about WhatsApp’s built-in video shooting capability. I never use it.) wouldn’t work for me because I knew from the outset that I wanted to share it somewhere. This includes Vine, and/or Snapchat. I would need to increase the speed of the video or crop appropriately, as there was initial set up time. So, I made a split-second decision to take the video on Hyperlapse, partially because it is new and novel, and partially because it would allow me to speed up the video. Also because there’s no uploading from the camera roll on Snapchat (not yet anyway).

I want to share this through my Snapchat story with my closest friends, but quickly realised that (a) my friends probably don’t care, and (b) Snapchat also doesn’t allow prior footage to be shared. But an addition to the Snapchat story can be saved to the Camera Roll. Alas, 10 seconds of recording was a deal-breaker. Snapchat.

I need Vine to share this Hyperlapse on Twitter as it does not have native video sharing (what year is this?). I got lucky: Vine finally enabled uploading videos from the camera roll last month. Turns out that Vine doesn’t support Hyperlapse videos, and any attempt to upload shows blacked-out footage. Fail. Vine.

Needless to mention, all of this would be easier if I didn’t have such first world problems.

Sharing via WhatsApp to a group of people who don’t care it is.